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The Different Types of Canoes & Kayaks

The River Severn is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the West Midlands for a canoe trip. With its tranquil waters, this river offers a perfect opportunity to explore the region's picturesque countryside. Stretching for 220 miles from its source in Wales to its estuary in the Bristol Channel; the river is a popular destination for canoeing and kayaking, with many people embarking on canoe trips to explore the beautiful surroundings. Whether you are a beginner or an expert paddler, a canoe trip on the River Severn is an amazing experience not to be missed.

If you're interested in taking up canoeing or kayaking as a serious hobby, we've listed the range of options available to you, giving you a good opportunity to learn about the different types available.

Open Canoe

The open canoe is famous for paddlers looking for a comfortable and stable ride. These canoes are typically made from durable materials such as fiberglass or plastic and can accommodate up to three people.

Solo Canoes

Solo or one seater canoes are usually much shorter in length than traditional canoes because it is much more difficult to handle a long canoe when you’re by yourself. These canoes tend to be lightweight and manoeuvrable and the paddler must alternate between paddling on the left and right or adopt the J-stroke.

Racing Canoes

There are two types of canoe racing, flatwater and slalom (whitewater). These canoes are made of lightweight material such as fiberglass and other composites. Racing canoes are also narrower at the beam and are usually fully or partially decked with fabric covers to keep water out of the hull. Racing canoes will sacrifice initial stability for performance and speed.

Stand-Up Paddleboard

Stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs, are a relatively new addition to the world of water sports. These boards are similar to surfboards but are more extensive, allowing for a stable and comfortable ride. Paddlers stand on the board and propel themselves through the water with a long paddle. SUPs are a great way to explore the River Severn and are suitable for paddlers of all skill levels.


A raft may be a perfect choice if you want a fun and exciting way to explore the waterways. Rafts are large, inflatable boats that can accommodate up to 8 people. Rafting can be an exhilarating experience, as it offers a range of challenges for both beginners and experienced sailors.


Kayaks are a popular choice for solo paddlers but also come in larger size to seat 2 or even 3. These sleek and maneuverable boats are designed for speed and agility and can easily navigate through the twists and turns of rivers and waterways. Many types of kayaks are available including sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks.

Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are ideal for longer trips as they are very comfortable and often easier to get into and than a standard kayak. They typically have more storage space, even enough for a 2 -3 day trip.

Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks also have a lot of storage space and have longer bodies than touring kayaks, meaning they can travel faster. They are designed for performance at sea amidst waves and currents.

Children’s Kayaks

Specifically designed young person’s kayaks make it much easier for kids to learn kayaking and you can choose from a traditional kayak or a ‘sit on top’ kayak.

If you are planning a canoe or kayak trip, choosing the right type of boat for your needs is essential. Whether you are looking for a comfortable and stable ride or a fast and agile kayak, many options are available for you.

The River Severn is an excellent destination for a canoe trip. With its beautiful scenery and calm waters, it offers the perfect opportunity to explore the Shropshire and Worcestershire countryside. A canoe trip on the River Severn costs from as little as £12 per person.

Our professional and highly qualified team will give you a full river briefing & instruction before you head off on your canoe trip with us and we include buoyancy aids and a barrel for your belongings. Visit to find out more.

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