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1. How do I get back to my car?

Our River Severn canoe hire trips take you down river from Bridgnorth to either Hampton Loade, Arley or Bridgnorth which means you will be ending your journey at a different location to the one you start at. So how do you get back to your car?

On the Bridgnorth to Arley or Bridgnorth to Bewdley routes you can add Severn Valley Railway tickets to your booking with us which means you can get a train back (please check & plan your timings with the Severn Valley Railway in advance). 

If you're doing Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade or Hampton Loade to Arley (or don't want to get the train back) then the best option is to leave a car at each point, get a taxi back or walk along the riverside path (approx 5 miles). 

Our Kinver Canal trips start and end at The Vine Pub so you will not need to arrange any transport back to your car when you select the Kinver Canal option. 

2. How old do children need to be for canoe hire?


We get a lot of requests for children under the age of 7 to go on our canoes and we think it's brilliant that so many people want to get their young kids on adventures. Unfortunately for insurance/safety reasons we can only hire canoes on the River Severn to children age 7+. 

On the Kinver Canal children can kayak from age 5+ with their parents. 

On the River Severn children under the age of 14 require an adult per child to be in the canoe with the children. 

3. what do we need to wear & take with us on the canoe trip?

We'll send you a kit list on confirmation of booking with a few handy tips. We recommend light clothing so you're comfortable and wet shoes if you have some (if not trainers are fine).  Your canoe will have a barrel in it so you can take a few extra items of clothing (waterproof/jumper) along so you are prepared for the weather, along with sunglasses and suncream (let's be optimistic here!). Bring a picnic as there's some nice spots to stop and relax along the way and also your phone/camera as you'll want to take some photos to remember the journey. We recommend that on the River Severn, you bring some spare clothes and store them in your barrel when the weather is cold. On the canal, wear lightweight trousers and bring a spare pair to change into if going to the pub afterwards.  

4. do we need to have been canoeing before? 

The good news is that, no, you don't have to have been on a canoe before. Many of the people who hire a canoe haven't and this is absolutely fine. All we ask is that you are confident in the water. Monty, the owner of River Severn Canoes (or Ted who is very experienced & qualified), will be there to meet you on the day and will show you paddling techniques and help you get on the water. He'll provide safety information and useful info about the river. We're sure that once you've been out on the river, you'll want to come back again and again. It's beautiful out there! 

5. do you provide buoyancy aids? 

Yes, your safety is of top priority to us and all buoyancy aids are included in the canoe hire package.

6. what's included? 

Included in your canoe hire package is your canoes (2 & 3 seater Canadian canoes on the river or sit on top kayaks on the canal) buoyancy aids, a barrel for your belongings (small dry bag on the canal), paddles, canoe drop off & collection, river talk & safety briefing. 

7. can dogs go on the canoes? 

Yes, we love dogs and are more than happy for your dog to come along on the River Severn if you think he/she will be happy on a canoe (which most are!) Our Kinver Canal trips can cater for dogs if you book one adult on to a kayak or select the 3 x seater option with two adults). 

8. where can we stop for lunch?

You can either enjoy a lovely picnic on one of the beach areas along the way or stop at a pub. Click here to find out more.  

9. what availability do you have? 

Our availability can be found on our handy online booking system which guides you through all the options and when you've found the date/time/route that you want you can book and pay online, making it really easy to hire a canoe. 

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