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Why you should hire a canoe on the River Severn. By Rosie Dutton, Mum In The Moment blogger...

Rosie Dutton, (the hugely popular, Mum in the Moment blogger) hired a canoe with River Severn Canoes in June 2020 with her 9 year old daughter and ex-husband. Here's what she had to say about her family canoe trip...(thanks Rosie, it was awesome to see you all!)


I travelled back in time today and pretended I was 18 again canoeing down the Ardeche gorge and living in the South of France. Except, we were on the River Severn and I had to come home to cook dinner. ⁣

It was just as beautiful at times and it felt so good to be out of the house for the day and on the water doing something I love. We paddled from Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade (which is about 5 miles).⁣

My daughter only moaned about getting up early and leaving her phone at home about 38274 times, but once we were on the water she loved it and was singing most of the way. I invited her Dad along because my daughter doesn’t often get to do things with both of us and she loves it when we do. I was also selfish in my thinking, as it meant I could paddle on my own for a bit and leave them behind.⁣

I booked the trip with River Severn Canoes who provided all the kit; canoes, paddles, bouyancy aids etc (and even a little bit of unexpected sunshine). They met us there and delivered a safety talk etc and set us on our way. It’s the perfect social distancing activity for family and friends. We’ll definitely be back for a longer trip another time. Check them out if you want.⁣

Anyway, if we could all pray for my back, bottom, leg and shoulders tonight, I’d be grateful. Actually, just pray for my whole body please.⁣

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