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Where can I hire a canoe near me?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

It's a sunny week ahead and you're eager to get on the water. But where can you rent a canoe near you? And what does it involve?

Well if you are lucky enough to live in Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire or anywhere in the Midlands then you live within easy reach of the some of the best paddling routes the UK has to offer. You can rent a canoe on the longest river in Great Britain- the River Severn... you won't be disappointed.

220 miles long (6 miles longer than the River Thames), the River Severn begins in a peat bog in Plynlimon (Cambrian Mountains) in Wales and travels all the way down to the Severn Estuary. It gets much wider and more industrial as it heads south and so some of the best canoe trips on the River Severn run between Bridgnorth in Shropshire and Bewdley in Worcestershire. Here you can enjoy a leisurely canoe trip through peaceful countryside and the scenic Severn Valley.

How long does it take to canoe from Bridgnorth to Bewdley?

Bridgnorth to Bewdley is a full day paddle and is a 14 mile canoe trip which takes you under bridges, through a few rapids and through beautiful countryside, with many stop points along the way for a picnic. Allow around 6 hours to complete this canoe trip, with stops along the way.

If you're not quite up to a 6 hour canoe trip, then we recommend Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade which takes around 2 hours with a picnic stop or Bridgnorth to Arley, which takes around 4 hours with a stop.

Where can I hire a canoe on the River Severn?

So you're all set on paddling the River Severn. Where can you hire a canoe?

River Severn Canoes specialise in canoe rental between Bridgnorth and Bewdley and you can choose from a full day paddle from Bridgnorth to Bewdley or select the most popular route, ideal for couples, families and friends which is Bridgnorth to Arley. When the steam trains are running this is an idyllic trip because you can return back to your car by train. When not open, most people use two cars (and park one at each point) or call a taxi for around £10-15.

What does canoe hire involve?

If you select a self-guided canoe trip (which most people do), then your canoe hire company will meet you at your chosen start point with your canoes and buoyancy aids. River Severn Canoes offer a river brief and safety talk along with some paddling tips (for those who want a bit of expert guidance) and will help you on to the water. Then you're off and away on your fantastic journey from Bridgnorth to either Hampton Loade, Arley or Bewdley.

How much does it cost to hire a canoe on the River Severn?

With River Severn Canoes prices range from £12 for children doing a shorter 2 hour paddle and £25 for adults. For 4-6 hour trips the hire charge is £14 for children and £28 for adults.

Can anyone hire a canoe?

It's recommended that you are able to swim when hiring a canoe and the recommended age is 7+ for the River Severn on a self-guided trip. Other than that, yes, anyone can hire a canoe and paddle the River Severn. You can even take the dog! Go for it! :)

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