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Is canoeing good exercise?

The simple answer is yes, canoeing is a brilliant way to keep fit. It also offers a range of other benefits...

1. Good aerobic workout

Canoeing is an excellent aerobic workout, with cardiovascular benefits as well as boosting upper body strength including your back, arms and abs.

2. Burns calories

You can burn quite a few calories when canoeing. Canoe at 2 miles an hour and you can burn as much as 357 calories in an hour which increases to 735 an hour if you paddle at 4 miles an hour.

3. Great for your mental health

Canoeing gets you outdoors in the fresh air. Being outdoors, close to nature lowers your stress levels, helps you sleep better and makes you generally a lot more happy. Exercising outdoors helps you get some much needed vitamin D into your diet, which also improves you health and well-being.

4. A sociable way to exercise

Canoeing is a sport that can be enjoyed with other people, whether you choose to join a club and meet new people or hire a canoe with a group of friends or family members. Doing an activity outdoors is a great way to enjoy the company of others.

5. It's great fun!

Over 2 million people a year go canoeing. It's rare that you see an unhappy person paddling on the river. This is because canoeing is a lot of fun and very relaxing. It's the best way to enjoy the water and be close to nature.

6. The ideal activity for families to enjoy together.

If you're finding it harder and harder to find an activity you can all enjoy without any grumbles from the kids (I'm boooooooored!), then canoeing is a great activity to choose. It's something that the whole family can have fun doing together, making great memories along the way.

If we've inspired you to get on the water, here's how you can hire a canoe and take advantage of all the wonderful things canoeing has to offer.

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